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Barrister Mortgages

Are you a Barrister?
Struggling to get lenders to understand your situation?
All is not lost.

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The problem

As a Barrister lenders do not always understand how you get paid.

You stand nervously awaiting the verdict. You have done all you can, you have prepared for months for the case and have delivered a compelling argument that your argument that should prevail. The jury has been out for weeks, and it has been a nail-biting time for you, awaiting the outcome.

But now, the verdict is in. You stand still, breathless, awaiting the answer only to hear the word that you dreaded; Declined. Your mortgage application has been turned down.

It is an all-too-common story for those in the legal profession to spend a lot of time preparing a mortgage application to a bank, only to find that the answer is no; often because of a lack of understanding from the bank over how you work, how you get paid and how regularly.

The Solution

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At Professional Contractor Mortgages (PCM) we specialise in helping those with circumstances that would otherwise be looked at in a negative light. Whether it is the irregular contracts, being newly qualified or called to the Queens Council, the long wait for payment, or a combination of all these factors. Banks do not understand the financial situation of a Barrister, but we do.

At PCM we can help to unlock the door to your dream home. Lenders want to lend to you. You are a highly qualified professional with an excellent income potential; they just do not know how to deal with you.

We have pioneered bespoke underwriting for the contracting community over the past decade to ensure that each case is looked at individually and on it’s own merits, just like your case in court.

We can take the stress away from the process of trying to be accepted for mortgage funding, especially when your time is in short supply with the research, preparation and presentation of a case in court.

At Professional Contractor Mortgages we specialise in:

Main Benefits

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Helping barristers borrow against their real earnings, often in excess of five times your income figures

Taking advantage of your savings provisions by utilising Offset mortgages to reduce the interest paid on your mortgage over time

Building property portfolios for Barristers, either personally or via special purpose vehicles

Accessing competitive, market leading rates from High Street lenders

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