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Contractor Mortgages

Are you a Contractor?
Struggling to get lenders to understand your situation?
All is not lost.

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The problem

As a contractor, you don’t fit into a standard tickbox on a mortgage application, but lenders will want to assess you in a conventional way.

Trading via an umbrella?
Traditional lenders will want to treat you as a permanent member of staff. They will use payslips to assess income, meaning holiday pay, bonuses, commissions, expenses and other non-standard income amounts will end up being ignored.

Running your own limited company?
Traditional lenders will require anywhere from 1 to 3 years of company accounts and, even then, the definition of “income” can vary wildly. Running your affairs tax-efficiently could mean a reduction in the level of borrowing available to you.

In both situations, your mortgage options could be severely restricted.

The Solution

Speak to us about contractor mortgages.

We have worked tirelessly to educate lenders around contractors. As a result, we now have bespoke contractor underwriting, meaning you get a package tailored to your needs.

Main Benefits

Speak to a consultant

Borrowing based on your annualised daily/hourly rate

Borrow up to 5 times your income

Deposits as low as 5%

You can utilise the government Help to Buy scheme

Speak to a consultant

The Process

Do you want to learn more about your contractor mortgage options? Here are the quick and easy steps:

Quick Check

Use our interactive tool to see how much you could borrow.


Speak with a dedicated Contractor Mortgage Consultant.


Let our expert Client Service Managers take care of all the paperwork.


Let us review your current arrangements and provide a health check.


We will ensure all parties are chased to ensure your purchase or remortgage application completes as soon as possible.


Now you’ve seen how it should be done, tell everyone you know.

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